• Bastion in the Air. World War One.

Exploring our aviation heritage

This website opens up Lincolnshire’s aviation heritage to young people. Schools are welcome to visit the venues and the resources on this website are designed to enhance educational visits.

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Bastion in the Air

Bastion in the Air explores Lincolnshire’s role in the First World War as the first line of defence against the Zeppelin threat, the development of military aircraft between 1914-18 and the important role women played in the war effort. These resources are for teachers and pupils at Key Stage 2.

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Take Flight

Take Flight explores the crucial role Lincolnshire played during the Second World War. These resources can be used to for teaching at Key Stage 1,2,3 and 4 and focus on the science of aviation, Lincolnshire’s role at the centre of Bomber Command and life on the Home Front.

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Places to visit

Lincolnshire is dotted with venues which explore the county’s rich aviation heritage. Schools are welcome to visit and the resources on this website are designed to support educational trips. Explore the venues below to find out which ones will best meet your needs.

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