RAF Digby Sector Operations Room Museum

The Operations Room at Digby has the wow! factor and children will be fascinated by it. The activities we suggest here will prepare them for the visit. The main theme for this venue would be looking at observations, communications and handling information. A visit will be brought to life by inviting the children dress as plotters or aircrew.

Opening times

Guided tours Sundays throughout the summer
From 1st Sunday in May – To 1st Sunday in October Commencing 11am.

Specialist area

RAF Digby Sector Operations Room Museum Lima Sector Operations Room has been reconstructed to look exactly as it would have during the Second World War.

Ideal age range for visits

The museum attracts aviation enthusiasts and is best suited to children aged 7 and above. School visits can be arranged and tailored to meet the needs of different age ranges. On this site, there are supporting resources that look at living history and communication.

What is unique about this venue?

This venue has real wow! factor as you walk into the bunker, starting with its 1940s milk bottle on the doorstep. Visitors pass several small rooms containing artefacts from the Second World War on the way to the Operations Room. The Operations Room played a crucial role in defending Lincolnshire during Second World War. There were 13 other Operations Rooms around the country at the time of the War but only Digby and Uxbridge remain.

RAF Digby Sector Operations Room Museum, originally called RAF Scopwick, was established on 28 March 1918. It has been home to a number of units and both Guy Gibson and Douglas Bader were stationed here. In 1942, the station became a Royal Canadian Air Force Station operating Mosquito aircraft.

The Operations Room is exactly as it would have been in World War II. Women specially chosen for their intelligence and ability to multi task plotted the progress of aircraft over Lincolnshire. They gathered information from the Royal Observer Corps, RADAR sites and the pilots.

On site

In the rooms around the Operations Room there are:

  • Operations Room
  • Scale Models of aircraft
  • Photographs
  • Uniforms
  • Every day items from the era
  • RAF Documents
  • Merlin engine from 46 Sqn
  • Engine from Hurricane aircraft
  • 1660 HCU Lancaster engine
  • Propellers
  • Lancaster bomb sight
  • Contemporary radio equipment
  • Squadron histories
  • Operation record books
  • Recordings of aircraft and speeches
  • Examples of ‘Pipsqueak’ and ‘Coceral’

The Operations Room is on an RAF base. There are parking and toilet facilities and there are areas where children can eat sandwiches nearby but the bunker is as it was during the War.

Visitor information

Guided tours
Sundays throughout the summer
From 1st Sunday in May – To 1st Sunday in October
Commencing 11am.

Further Details may be obtained from the Visits Coordinator: Tel: 01526 327296 (8am – 5pm Monday to Friday)

Visits are free but donations are welcome.

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